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    Protect Your Floors Rugs & Easy Care Mats
    Friendly Service From our Hug Team

    Customer Service

    We hope you love our Hug at Home products as much as we do, if you have any queries regarding our products, services or how to use this website, our fabulous friendly Customer Care Team is here to help. We operate during the hours of 9am - 5.00pm, Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays. 

    Email: info@hugathome.co.uk

    Returns Address: The Hug at Home Team, PHOENOX TEXTILES LTD, Spring Grove Mills, Clayton West, Huddersfield HD8 9HU

    T: +44 (0)1484 864304  F: +44 (0)1484 865352  E: info@hugathome.co.uk. We will do our very best to answer any questions and get back to all email queries within 2 working days. For any urgent matters please call us on 01484 864304.

    Environmentally Friendly