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    Protect Your Floors Rugs & Easy Care Mats
    Friendly Service From our Hug Team

    Living Room & Lounge Rugs

    Transform your living room in an instant with our incredible selection of rugs, mats and more.

    Whether it’s a throw on your sofa or a rug in front of your fireplace, it’s these finishing touches which really make a house a home. And at Hug at Home we have plenty to choose from. If you’re decorating on a budget or looking to update your home quickly, then these living room accessories are just the thing. You’ll be amazed at just how fast adding some soft furnishings from Hug at Home can improve a room.


    Perfect for accessorizing your living room, these products also make gorgeous gifts. So, if someone special’s birthday is coming up or you just want to surprise a loved one, treat them to a living room gift from Hug at Home.

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